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What does a normal reader of a spotfire dashboard need as software to be able to view a Spotfire dashboard? #DrSpotfire

Michel Klessens

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Hello Michael,

First, I'm not part of Dr. Spotfire, but as the people hosting that are all based in the US, I'm responding to you now, so you at least can get some initial information. 

To view a Spotfire dashboard in a web client (TIBCO Spotfire Business Author or TIBCO Spotfire Consumer), which I assume is what you are asking about, you basically just need a supported web browser (there are some additional, low hardware requirements as well). You can check the exact requirements for your specific version in the Spotfire System requirements (https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire/general/sr/sr/topics/tibco_spotfire_business_author_consumer.html).  

Direct version links:

12.0 LTS:


11.4 LTS:


Best Regards


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