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I want to create a new date column. I have a date (business and non business day), i want to add 10 business days. Example today Saturday 12/3/2022 new column date 12/16/2022. Example today is Monday 12/5/2022 new column date 12/19/2022

John Koger

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Hello John,

Here's one way this could be done, using an R package - bizdays (https://www.rdocumentation.org/packages/bizdays/versions/1.0.12)- that could be used to add business days.

I added this as an Expression function (which is run in TERR - TIBCO Runtime for R), so it will show up just like other available function for use in calculated columns/custom expressions. 


1. Add the bizdays package

As this uses an R package - bizdays - that is not available by default, I installed the bizdays package.

Please refer to the manual for information on "TERR Tools - Details on Package Management"


Note: If you want other users (and maybe even web client users) to be able to use the function, please refer to the manual for "Package Management for the TERR Service"

"https://docs.tibco.com/pub/terrsrv/1.13.0/doc/html/TIB_terrsrv_install/terrinstall/topics/package_management_for_terr_service.html. You can ignore that part now if you just want to get this working in your own Analyst for now.


2. Creating the expression function

Please refer to the manual for information on "How to create an expression function"


Here's my Expression function:

Name: DateAddBusinessDays

Description: (Empty in my example but you should add that)

Function Type: Column function

Return type: DateTime

Category: Date and Time functions


#Define the DateAddBusinessDays function.

#It takes two arguments - first the old date, then the number of business days to add

DateAddBusinessDays <- function(oldDate, businessDaysToAdd)


 #add business days to each date

 outcol <- bizdays::offset(oldDate, businessDaysToAdd, cal = business_calendar)

 #outcol is a date. Coming from TERR, Spotfire would treat that as a Real. 

 #Convert to POSIXct, to get DateTime in Spotfire. I used as.character to be able to set the timezone 

 outcolconverted <-as.POSIXct(as.character(outcol),tz = check_tzones(oldDate))


#See https://www.rdocumentation.org/packages/bizdays/versions/1.0.12 for information about bizdays


#create business calendar, setting saturday and sunday to the non-business days

business_calendar <- create.calendar('my_calendar', weekdays = c('saturday','sunday'))

output <- DateAddBusinessDays(oldDate = input1, businessDaysToAdd = input2)



3. Now try using the new expression.

I add a new calculated column using the following expression, to add 1 business day to the "Col2" column.


Note: A DateTime is returned from TERR, so I used Date() to convert it to a Date. 


I hope this helps.

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