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How to access Spotfire Web Player under Kerberos from iOS/Android?


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If you are using the Spotfire mobile app:

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Hi Fredrik,

thank you for your answer. I was wondering if there is any possible workaroud using mashup web page instead of Spotfire Mobile app since from what I understand here "By using the Loader API your mashup will automatically support any external/web authentication that is supported by the Spotfire Server"

Thank you

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Hello Stefano,

I'm afraid I don't have a good, conclusive answer for you. I assume Android is the main topic of interest, and I currently have no way to test this myself, but maybe some other community member has attempted to get this working and will respond to you.

If you get that working, I currently have no reason to believe that simply using the web client (Business Author/Consumer) on Android should not work with Kerberos. Make sure to check the system requirements for your Spotfire version though, e.g. for Spotfire 12.1, we support Android 8.1 ("Oreo") or higher, and Google Chrome. 



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