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Can you Build a Rule based on Well Status to color just these Well Statuses and ignore the rest?

Katie Sikorski

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I want to build a rule to color based on a WellStat, I want to add a rule that says If([WellStat] = Drilled, Drilling or Duc I want it Green, If([WellStat] = Permitted Iwant it Blue, If([WellStat] = Active or Completed make it red, can this be done? When I go into add rule custom expression WellStat is not an option even though this is the current layer and I only want to color the map with wells with these status. I tried doing one rule for Permitted it work fine, I tried to add One for Ducs and it did not work with multiple rules what am I doing wrong?

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Product is Tibco Spotfire Analayst I have attached the DXP with the embeded layer and I want to color under WellStat just the following criteria:

Active, Completed, Shutin, TA and Unknown = Red

Duc, Drilling and Drilled = Green

Permitted = Blue

The other statuses I don't want to show on this layer. I know I can filter this out but my engineer only wants to see the wells with these staus and if I filter he could reset the filters so if they are only colored the ones he wants to see I don't have to worry if he resets a filter.

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Hello again,

I have attached a modified version of your analysis where I tested two possible solutions. Depending on your use case, maybe one of those could work for you:

  1. Using a binned (calculated) column, one bin per color, and simply change your coloring to use that column.
  2. Like you, I could not solve this using the existing column, using rules in the current plot - it appears it was not possible using a Feature Layer - but using a Marker Layer instead, it worked. Using that, you can use boolean expressions, such as [Axis.Color] in ("ACTIVE","COMPLETED","SHUT-IN", "TA", "UNKNOWN") for Red.


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