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Link filters between graphs with different data

Francisco Aspillaga
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Hi Francisco,

Your best bet would be to combine the data into one large table (add one as additional rows to the first), and make sure to add in a column which identifies the original data source (see screenshot below) :


Then you can have visualisations filtered to just contain data from one source or another, but the page-wide filters will apply to all visualisations using that table.



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Hi Francisco,

An update on this question as well: you could also do this via relations, such that the data is linked across multiple visualisations.

This article here explains it quite nicely (link here), but in summary:

Relations allow you to link data from different sources, such that filtering and marking will apply to all visualisations containing that data. This can be done under the Data Table Properties (via the Data Menu, see below)


It's up to you which way round you'd like to do this - again, see this article for a good summary of the difference between relations and column matches (link here).

Hope that helps!

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