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Change cells color

Francisco Aspillaga

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Hello Francisco,

To my knowledge there is no way to directly set the exact background color of Trellis headers, but it is influenced by the base color of your theme. Technically, if you switch to using the Dark theme instead of your current Light theme, that particular color is gray by default, but maybe that is a larger change than you had in mind. However, it could still be worth testing how tweaking the theme could get you something similar to what you requested, e.g. start in in TIBCO Spotfire Analyst > Visualization menu > Canvas Styling > Edit Custom Theme > General tab > Base Color.

You can find more information here:

Custom Theme Settings:


Visualizations and Dashboards with TIBCO Spotfire:


I recommend that you create an idea in the TIBCO Ideas Portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas) for the ability to set this particular color. I took a quick look without finding any existing idea for this particular feature.

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