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Master Visualization with two cascading visualization. How to either auto selected data from visualization two, or turn off expression debug messages?

David Moore 8

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Master Visualization - 1 with two cascading visualization, I'll call visualization 2 & 3. Visualization three is dependent on visualization 2 data selection only. If data is empty for V3, "expression not valid after ")"" displays.. however, when the data is selected the desired result displays.

  1. Assumption because V3 is a line chart with multiple aggregations on the Y axis only, the error is occurring.
  2. Solution Proposal:
    1. How to suppress custom expression error and show the Message on empty background?
    2. Auto/Default data selection from V2

I've tried mapping without success. I have not clue how the code was successful originally. I've inherited the challenge.

Goal: hide the error message -or- set data selection default on V2

< ------------------------------------------------------- >

The expression is not valid after ")" on line 5 character 79 // highlighted in yellow


when '${waterfally}' = 'UniqueCount([serial Number]) THEN [Value] / Sum([Value])' then

(UniqueCount(If(Substitute(Substitute([scrap Op Desc],"{""",""),"""}","") in (${ScrapOpdesclist}),[serial Number],null)) / UniqueCount([serial Number]) over (Intersect([Axis.X])) )

when '${waterfally}' = 'UniqueCount(If([sN Status] not in ("WIP"),[serial Number],null)) THEN [Value] / Sum([Value])' then

(UniqueCount(If(Substitute(Substitute([scrap Op Desc],"{""",""),"""}","") in (${ScrapOpdesclist}) and [sN Status] not in ("WIP"),[serial Number],null)) / UniqueCount(If([sN Status] not in ("WIP"), [serial Number],null)) over (Intersect([Axis.X])) )


when '${waterfally}' = 'UniqueCount(If([sN Status] in ("Scrap", "DDM"),[serial Number],null)) THEN [Value] / Sum([Value])' then

(UniqueCount(If(Substitute(Substitute([scrap Op Desc],"{""",""),"""}","") in (${ScrapOpdesclist}) and [sN Status] in ("Scrap","DDM"),[serial Number],null)) / UniqueCount(If([sN Status] in ("Scrap","DDM"), [serial Number],null)) over (Intersect([Axis.X])) )

else null end as [Waterfall Y Axis Selector]

< ------------------------------------------------------- >

The scenario is a residual affect after migration from GreenPlum to Redshift.

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