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All and None in check box filter

Shri G

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All and None (as selectable options) are not available for the built-in check box filters in the Spotfire clients.

Here are some alternatives:

* In a Check box filter, the "All" and "None" functionality exists, but simply not as values you select - instead you right-click on the filter to "Deselect All Values" or "Reset Filter" (the former is only available in the installed client (TIBCO Spotfire Analyst).  

* If you use a List Box filter instead, you can enable checkboxes (right-click on the filter > Show Check Boxes), and also also "Include (All) as Option". 

* If you could use Radio buttons instead (likely not as the use case for that is a bit different), All and None are available options. 

Best Regards


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Hi @Fredrik Rosell​ 

Thank you so much for your help!

I have added new hierarchy with only one required column and created filter in text area with this hierarchy. Then I added two new buttons "Select All " and "Deselect All" with python script. it's now working:)

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