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Unpivot option is disable for me. I have attached screenshot. Thank you in advance

Venkata Siva Komma

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The Unpivot option in the Data Panel has the following requirements:

* For it to show up at all, you must have the appropriate license (and you already do, as it's visible but simply not enabled)

* For it to be enabled:

* You must have selected at least two columns (and from your screenshot, you have)

* The columns cannot be calculated 

* The columns must be from the same data table

* The data table must be an in-memory data table

So, considering this, and the "Split"-suffix in your column names, I assume you have used the "Split" functionality to split the Readout column, which results in calculated columns, which would explain why Unpivot is not enabled.

Depending on your needs, there are various ways around that. You could e.g.:

Best Regards


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@Venkata Siva Komma​ If your dataset is not huge, you may also consider to create a new table (going to Files and data... Other) after you do the split to convert the calculated columns (split) - Then you do the Unpivot in the new table. With this workaround, if you replace the raw-data with a new one (for example, Q2 data to replace Q1) all the cleaning will work smoothly.

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