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I have several shapefile layers as Feature Layers I can change the labels with edit labels but is there a way to change the direction to say 90 degrees? I have not been able to find rotate anywhere? Does anyone know if this can be done. Thanks.

Katie Sikorski

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A very late comment here, as I found this question when looking into a related question (https://community.spotfire.com/s/question/0D54z00008Csc0tCAB/how-to-rotate-marker-label-in-a-map-chart). The answer is no - there is currently no way to rotate the plot labels (you can only rotate the axis labels, which can be shown in vertical or horizontal mode) but that sounds like a great enhancement, so please create an idea for it on the TIBCO Ideas Portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/) and it may be implemented in a future version.

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