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In a cross table visualisation, I want to hide the columns marked in yellow (SECURITY and OPPORTUNITIES). I tried to set the column width to 0, but it doesn't work. Can you help me?

Alina Tudor

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To hide the column values you could go into Properties > Data > Limit data using expression, then type something like;

[your_column] != 'SECURITY' and [your_column] != 'OPPORTUNITIES'

This will hide the values and also readjust the totals automatically.

I don't know of a way to change the name of the Totals though.

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if they are shown, the are counted, and vice versa. You could try some tricks to hide them.

Idea 1: use colours to hide the text

Colour by: the name of your column ([your_column])

Add > Colour scheme grouping: then add the values you want to hide

Colour mode: Fixed, All Values = White, Apply colour to: Text

This will make the columns appear white, but you still have the headings and you still have two columns.

To make it look tidier:

Idea 2: create a new calculated column that is the same as your_column for the allowed values, but has a single value (e.g. 'Rest') where you can lump all your unwanted values:


case when ([your_column]='SECURITY') or ([your_column]='OPPORTUNITIES') then 'Rest' else [your_column] end

Then apply Idea 1 and cross table to [your_column2]. You will get a single column value called 'Rest' that is whitened out.

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