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Markings in Tree map controlling Cross table using two data tables

April Steele

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I have a two data table (A and B). Both have columns Category, Date, Value, and Department.

In my cross table I have:

  • Column Names in the Horizontal axes
  • Category in the vertical axes
  • Cell values I have calculations from two different data tables.

The value calculations tie to both data sources.

I have a tree map that data table A is the main and has a hierarchy of Date (month-year) and a marking of green.

I cannot get the cross table to calculate correctly when I limit the table to markings of green. The main data table A calcs are correct but the calc from B is not. If I change the Category in the vertical axes to Date the calculations are correct when I change the markings between the different dates but I would like to display by category. I have matches and relationships done for (Category, Date, and Department).

What am I doing wrong?

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