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I have a trusted error in the Spotfire TimeLine 1.0.0 and 1.0.1, where can I report that?

Nico Batema

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Hello Nico.

If you think it's a general issue with the trust mechanism in Spotfire, you can open a support case in the support portal (https://support.tibco.com/). If you are unsure, keep reading below.

Note: In general, Mods are not supported via the regular Support channels though. As stated in the Timeline mods community page (https://community.spotfire.com/s/exchange/aCv4z000000sr17CAA/timeline-mod-for-tibco-spotfire?_ga=2.195554156.1300044673.1663569323-776196050.1636355826&t=1663582062910)   

"Help & Support

Please note that this Mod for TIBCO Spotfire® is not supported through support.tibco.com. In the event of issues or to get help or to suggest enhancements, post a comment in the mod's wiki page."

Comments are currently not enabled in that page though (it's being migrated) so for now, I have added the "Timeline mod" topic to your question as well, so if you provide additional details about the issue here, the people monitoring Timeline mod issues will be alerted.  

Best Regards


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