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Hi Jinho, you can change the default port and try to access it as mentioned below:

  1. Under src/main/configurations of your LiveView project, create a new HOCON file with the name PortNum.conf (file attached)
  2. Edit the file to add a different port number i.e. 10085
  3. Save the project
  4. Start LiveView server
  5. You can now access LiveView Web in Chrome using - localhost:10085 

You may also want to check a tutorial on this in TIBCO Academy. Login to academy and search for the following tutorial: Change LiveView Port Number in TIBCO Streaming

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On 8/24/2022 at 1:26 PM, Jinho Jung said:


I am an engineer studying Tibco Streming recently.

In liveview Tutorial


I checked that the liveweb server works normally, but I can't access the liveview web (http://localhost:10080/lvweb) or (http://localhost:11080/lvweb).

What should I do?


 I think that the ports 10080 and 11080 are correctly configured and not blocked by any firewall settings or other applications using them. The liveview web service is indeed running and hasn't encountered any errors or issues since startup. Try accessing the URLs from different browsers to rule out any browser-specific issues.

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