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How deploying a TIBCO Spotfire report

Pasquale Massimo Scorca

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I've implement a Spotfire report on my dev machine having Spotfire Desktop.

I'm a beginner with Spotfire.

I've a test machine with TIBCO Data Virtualization, TIBCO Spotfire Server (with the Spotfire.Dxp.sdn file), Node Manager, Web Player, Automation Services and Spotfire Analyst.

Now I need to deploy the *.dxp file of my report inside the test machine.

Any helps to me in order to solve this issue, please?


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There is no such thing as 'deploy' the dxp. If you have developed the analysis (.dxp) you can publish/save it to the "Library". Later you can also share the dxp URL(saved in the library) for the end users for consumption. Any one who has access to that folder in the library can view that analysis.

This analysis will then be consumed by the end users on the web (via Web Player)

Saving and Exporting



Once you save the dxp to the Library you can also go the File >> Document Properties >> Library and copy the URL there and share that with users.



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