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How to connect Tibco streaming to AWS IoT core?

Pablo Zornoff

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I need to connect to an AWS IOT Core (MQTT) instance. But when I try to use the connectivity wizard in Tibco streaming, I cannot establish the connection between Tibco Streaming and AWS. The procedure I followed so far is to put the AWS end point in the URL field of the connectivity wizard for MQTT. But without success.

Is there any solution for this case?

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@Pablo Zornoff​ Did you manage to get this working ?

A MQTT connection definition should have been created with the AWS URI but i don't think that it does the SSL bit for you. You'll need the keys that were created when you set up the AWS thing, these need to be put into key stores and attached to the MQTT connection definition.

Have a look at our samples and have a read of the AWS doc for their client samples https://github.com/aws/aws-iot-device-sdk-java

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