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Forecast Holt Winters doesn't work on my data

claire Banniard

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Hi all,


I'm triying to use the module Forecast on some charts but allways get the same error message : A script error occured when calculating Forecast. No more than that, and I can't manage to understand why it doesn't work properly.

In the begining I get errors saying that datas had to be separated by the same space on x axis. I solved the issue.

My chart only represents a cumulated sum over the past year. I have now datas for each day.

My data set in the begining was more complicated than now (with filter columns ) and the cumulated sum was calculated in spotfire.

I tried to simplify the dataset in order to help the Forcast. Buut I allways get the same message.

On my last data set the cumulated sum is calculated before spotfire, spotfire only plot the values for each day. And there is no hole in the datas, every day has a value.

Really I don't understand why it doesn't work.


Has anyone experienced this before

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I am not sure I am doing what you were doing. I added a line chart withh calendar_date as X and nb_closed_events_cum as Y. I added a Holt Winter forecast from Lines and Curves. I did not specify any particular input parameter. It does not look great but I do not get an error. Were you following a different process
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