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How to apply color to a cell based on the value of that cell and the value in another column cell in a cross table

Selicks Cherian

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I'm using Spotfire 11.4.0 LTS HF-003. I have attached the screen shot of the cross table. I wanted to color the cells of Pad Unload Count cells based on the value in that column and based on the Pad Unload Limit column value.

Here is the color logic I wanted to apply

If the Pad Unload Limit = 6 And Pad Unload Count = 6, then show that cell in 'Red' background color

If the Pad Unload Limit = 10 And Pad Unload Count = 10, then show thact cell in 'Red' background color

Is it possible to achieve this through the table properties Color option. I tried and couldn't able to get it. I tried with boolean expression, but I couldn't able to get columns to create the boolean expression. If this is not possible through the Color opiton, is it possible to achieve through any script

Any help is appreciated

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Using the ability to "Color the grouping using another expression" could be one way to achieve this (you can find more information about that in the "Coloring in Cross Tables and Heat Maps" page in the Analyst manual -https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-analyst/11.8.0/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire...)

Depending on if you need to be able to handle filtering or not, you could either use a calculated column that simply contains your calculated colors, or you could put that calculation in the expression so it's dynamic.

In the example below, I used the latter method, with the expression:


WHEN Sum([Pad Unload Limit])=6 THEN



WHEN Sum([Pad Unload Count])

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