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Wafer heat map using data function

Johnny Fang

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Hi all,


I am trying to make a wafer heat map using a data table with column X, Y and Value. Using the[TERR] WBK Heatmap data function found on the Tibco Exchange, I am able to get the attached image1.png to shown on a map chart.My question is how do I make the heat map fill the entire wafer circle The desired result produced by another software is attached as image2.png.

My guess is that I need to define the circumference's coordinates in the data function and assign the adjacent value to it. However I am not a programing expert so I'd appreciate if someone can give me some leads on how this can be done, thank you.




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The Heatmap Data Function forms a "convex hull" around the available data points, which you are seeing. To have the heatmap extend to the boundary of the wafer you would need data points at that boundary as well, similar to what's shown in image2. Do you have values you could place at the perimeter It could be added to the columns you are already using.
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