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Spotfire scripts and function trusted on Desktop but not on Cloud

Hank He

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I created some Python scripts and data function in my dashboard and trusted all of them on the Analyst desktop client.

However, once i save the dashboard to the libaray and re-open it on Spotfire Cloud Web interface. These script are shown as "not trusted" and cannot be run.


Can anyone help me understand what is the issue and how to resolve this

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The answer can be found in the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire FAQ: https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/tibco-spotfire-cloud-faq


As stated in the attached pdf file there:

"Is TIBCO Spotfire Service for Python (Python service) included


No. As of today, TIBCO Spotfire Service for Python is not available in TCS. The Python Service is not part of TIBCO Cloud Spotfire today which means that Python data functions are not supported for the web clients (Spotfire Business Author and Spotfire Consumer). Anyhow, you can use Python data functions from the thick client (Spotfire Analyst).

TSCE Yes. TIBCO Python Service component is provided in TSCE."


And if you are using Iron Python scripts, the same applies to that

"Is IronPython allowed in TIBCO Cloud


No. IronPython is not supported in TCS for security reasons, since it is a multi-tenant environment."




So, this functionality is not supported in the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire - you need to either run Spotfire on-premise, or use TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Enterprise.


Best Regards


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