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Create one visualization with multiple rose charts

Amanda White

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I'm using the Spotfire Rose Chart mod and need a way to create a visualiztion where I can compare two charts side by side in the same visualization. Imagine a bar chart with side by side bars, but instead of bars, I want a wind rose for each site. I have too many sites to create a wind rose for each one and would like the visualiztion to populate based on the selected filters.

If this isn't possible, is it possible to make a map chart with wind roses as the marker I know you can use a pie chart as map markers, and the wind rose is very similar to a pie chart so mayeb this is possible Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Hello Amanda,

The rose chart is not designed to have side by side petals or trellis the visualization but the rose chart source code is available on github under the catalog folder in case you or some developer wants to make changes to it.

It is not possible either to have rose charts as the markers. Only pie charts but sounds like great ideas!

Please submit your mod ideas here or at the ideas portal and make sure you select "Mods" as your idea category.

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