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How to hide an error message for R script

Yahya Alramadan

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I'm using the data function (Model II Regression Straight Line Fit) referenced in the link below to fit a straight line on my data. In my case, I need to fit the line only on the marked data . I have the data function set to refresh automatically so that the line fit will change upon marking other data sets. That works perfectly. However, when there is no marked rows, I keep getting the annoying error message shown at the end of the post.

How can I edit the script to get rid of the error message when no data is marked either of the following will work for me

hide the error message

terminate the R Script

set both the slope and intercept to 0 (zero)

any other way is fine

Appreciate your help as I have limited experience with R Scripts

Here is the script I'm using:

How to do a Model II Regression Straight Line Fit, using a data function:https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Tibco-KnowledgeArticle-Article-48165


Error message:

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error (5)


The data function 'Model II Regression Straight Line Fit' could not be executed.


Error in lmodel2(Y ~ X, data = inputdf) : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

eval(script, envir = .GlobalEnv)

eval(script, envir = .GlobalEnv)



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