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Converting Horizontal Dates to Vertical for Budget Dashboard

John Santana

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I have a data set that has date columns in horizontal format like below:

Jan Feb Mar Apr


In order to visulize in Spotfire it would be best to have the format like this:






I need the dates to be automatically converted in either excel or Spotfire due to the size of the data set. It's not feasible to manually transpose or add. Or if anyone has any experience creating a dashboard for budget plan vs actual with months, that would be great. I can provide more detail if needed but can't share numbers due to privacy.

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Hello John,

You can use a transofrmation to unpivot the dates they way you want them. Open the canvas and add a unpivot transformation. Keep the date columns at the bottom and those you want to keep horizontally put them at the top. This will convert all your dates into two columns, one for the date, and the other for the value for each date.

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