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An error occur while drag/droping in Spotfire

Catherine SIRVEN

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Could not read visualization mod

C:UsersCSSVCDownloadsword_cloud_mod_for_tibco_spotfirer_1.0.5 (1)Word Cloud Mod for TIBCO Spotfire 1.0.5Word Cloud.mod

The mod manifest declares a dependency on API version '1.3', which is not a supported version of the API. The current version of the API is '1.2'.


Do I need to ask an API update

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Hello Catherine,


Note thas as stated inhttps://community.spotfire.com/modules/word-cloud-mod-tibco-spotfirer, Word Cloud mod version 1.0.5 requires Spotfire version 11.5 or higher (compatible with Mods API 1.3). If you are using Spotfire 11.4 LTS (compatible with Mods API 1.2) you can use version 1.0.4 of the Mod.


Best Regards


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