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Gantt-Chart with binned Y axis

Benjamin S

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Hello Tibco Community,


I am currently developing a Gantt-Chart like visualisation in Tibco. I found a youtube tutorial in which somebody creates the Gantt Chart using the Scatter plots and markers and lines.

-> This works fine.


On the Y-axis there are the Tasks which are associated with some kind of Epics.

The underlying table approximately looks like this


Row Item Subitem













Now I would really like to Bin the Subitems by the associated item from the table. If the subitem is column, the epic information is stored in this row, otherwise the subitem information is within this row.

Is there any way to achieve this


Thank you in advance.

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The Gantt chart that I created on my own is based on this tutorial:


However, as shown there there is only one column defined as y-axis labels.


I just found the Gantt Chard mod from Tibco for this. In this case, there is also the possibility to display some kind of hierarchy on the y-axis as shown here:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/gantt-chart-mod-tibco-spotfirer (scrolling down - concept, development etc would depict the top-levels). This is the type of hierarchy that I would like.

I like this Gantt Chart mod, but some changes to it would be required which exceed my Tibco knowledge. (e.g. smaller Font, ordering, based on start date, cleaner background). I just took a look at the github and I could change some stuff in the src and static files, but creating a .mod out of it is beyond my skills.

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