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Monitor Spotfire with Dynatrace or other monitoring tools

Manoj Chaurasia

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We are using Dynatrace as our enterprise monitoring tool and we would like to identify individual users for session analysis.

By default, Dynatrace assigns a unique, random ID to each new user. But you can also assign more meaningful custom user tags that are comprised of, for example, user names.

User tagging can be done multiple ways in Dynatrace, we have tried a couple of them but couldn't find the best approach on our own.

We are currently using the following method.

We are trying to catch the string "User : p106323" wich is displayed in the globe icon on every page:


We are using the following CSS selector and Regex to do so:



Sometimes the result is correct, we are retriving the username but sometimes it is not.

Also we have noticed that this CSS selector value changes over time that is why we are catching the strings "Traitement, Processing, Procesando, Tches en arrire plan..." and more.




Perhaps retrieving the information of the username in the globe is not the best approach. That is why I'm contacting you today.

My question is:

Is there a CSS selector, JavaScript variable, Meta tag, Cookie value, Query string or method called by the application where we are sure to catch the username

Monitoring tools like Dynatrace also allows us to add a small piece of code to do that. If we could implement that code automatically on all Spotfire reports, that could also be a solution.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,


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