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Error connecting to AWS-RDS Oracle

Manoj Chaurasia

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I am trying to connect to AWS-RDS Oracle from Tibco Spotfire desktop client. But I get below error.

I am selecting Type as Oracle

Please suggest me the correct driver.

Cannot connect to data source 'AWS', due to invalid configuration or that the data source is not running.

Database reported:

Driver is not appropriate for url: jdbc:tibcosoftwareinc:oracle://evnodsp2.ckcrf8amgfih.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com:1521;SID=evnodsp2

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Hi Balurajan,

From the connection URL, we can see that you are using Oracle Data Direct template which is not recommended for production usage.

You can try using the Oracle template along with the native(Oracle JDBC for e.g: ojdbc8.jar) driver instead and test the behavior.https://www.oracle.com/database/technologies/appdev/jdbc-downloads.html

Place the jar file in the custom_ext folder in the Spotfire Server installation directory and restart the Spotfire server service.

Create a new data source using the Oracle template and test the behavior.

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