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Spotfire 7.5 and SAP HANA data tables

Sarah Hoskins

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I have connected to SAP HANA tables as data sources, that is fine.

I used those data sources to create data tables, that seemed fine.

I can not use filters on the visualizations that are based on the SAP HANA data tables, there are no filter columns available. Is this a bug

I can not join an excel based table to a HANA based table on a HANA based table calculated column because the HANA based table calculated column doesn't show up in the columns availalbe to map. Is this a bug

Are there any other issues with using SAP HANA as a data source with regard to Spotfire features not working

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No such issues have been reported.

If you are using out of the box connector:

Download the latest driver and check if that makes any difference.

If you are using JDBC connection:

As long as the correct jar files and the template are in place, it should work as expected.

If you are not able to fix the issue, we would recommend opening a Support ticket as this will need some detailed investigation.

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