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Spotfire Analyst doesn't display UNC filepaths as links

Rolf Andernach

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I'm currently on Spotfire Analyst 10.10 and I'm trying to (unsuccessfully) display file paths as links.

I have read through the community notes but many of them seem to be outdated in the face of more recent changes - mostly security-related from what I can see.

I have tried the following:

set "Allow Additional URI Schemes" to TRUE

set "Allow Additional File Extensions" to TRUE

in the Administration manager. Defined the respective columns as Links with the link template: {$}.

Used different filepaths: In an old document everything from regular filepaths "C:..." to UNC filepathswould work, after

I've tried forward slashes/back slashes, file:// and file:\ in front - no chance.

Is there an updated how-to on the topic - or does anyone know where I can find the "magic on-switch"

Many thanks!

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What exact 10.10 version are you using

I did a quick (successful) test using the following:


TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 10.10.3 (and then also, with the same result)

TIBCO Spotfire Server 10.10.1



"Allow Additional URI Schemes" set to TRUE

"Allow Additional File Extensions" set to TRUE

In this test, I had nothing set in "Additional File Extensions", or "Additional Uri Schemes".

Note that if you do list additional file extensions, include the leading period character, e.g. ".txt". In some older versions of Spotfire one could also need to add an empty line as additional file extension.

Note: make sure to restart your Analyst after making any changes to the preferences.



1. I put some test files in\myservername.domain.comfolderfilename

2. I now imported the following test data into Analyst




3. I created a table plot

4. I configured a Link renderer for Column2 using the format \myservername.domain.comfolder{$}

Result: the file paths were displayed as links, and clicking on them, the linked files were opened.


Best Regards


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