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How to apply row level and object level security

manikanta ankem

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You can refer to the below article which help you with the detailed steps to implement the row level security.


However if you are looking to apply row level security with multiple columns having the "OR" condition between them the approach changes .

For that you will have to follow some additional steps as mentioned in the below article.


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Object security can be achieved usign the Folder level permissions/access rights in the Spotifre Library.


Do you have a Spotfire Server at your end or do you see theInformaiton Designer in your menu items If not you cannot use the Information Services without a Spotfire sevrer component since those are JDBC based data sources whichgo thorugh the server. If you are on a Spotfire cloud trial versoin or Spotfire Desktop version. You can try to add some security usign Data Connectors >> Views in Connection >>Custom Query tab if possible.


You can look to personalizzed queries in the doc for the Analyst client. As per the doc


"Provided that you and the end users of the analysis are logged into a Spotfire Server, you can also use one or more of the predefined parameters for personalized queries; current_user, current_groups and current_user_domain, which become enabled by selecting the "Use parameters for personalized queries (users and groups)" check box. These parameters work the same way as they do when using them from the Information Designer, which is described underPersonalized Information Links."


Writing Custom Queries


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