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Can I get a "Total" for a column on a Visualization type "Table"

Rick V

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Simple question. I have an excel detail table with roughly 100 rows. I added a visualization type "Table" into spotfiredisplaying 12 columns. 2 of those columns I would like to get a total at the end. I cannot find any way with any setting to allow a total for these 2 columns. Does spotfire have this feature


Thanks for any help

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There are so many ways to display the totals (sum, count or other aggregations) in various visualizations in Spotfire. But a table is a table. It's not a spread sheet. In a table, all columns have the same number of rows and every column only contains only one data type. So, if you want to have the totals in your data table, the only way is to add two calculated columns. Note, a calculated column will always use all data rows for the calculation. The results will not be affected by any filtering. Use other visualization (like a cross table, bar chart,..) if the calculation should be dynamic.
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