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Integrate spotfire with sharepoint site

Govindaraj Sanjeevi

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I am trying to integrate spotfire with sharepoint site, I have done using Tomcat ISAPI redirection method

now i can access spotfire through the sharepoint hostname and portname, but spotfire is asking for username and password again for spotfire URL

Do I need to enable any specify configuration for "Single sign on" in Spotfire server configuration tool


spotfire 7.7.0

AJP 1.3 at 8009 port

isapi_redirect.dll (ver: 1.2.40)



Govindaraj Sanjeevi

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You will need to have some method of Single Sign On or allow anonymous (guest) access to Spotfire files that you want to share in SharePoint. One can configure anonymous accesswhich allows users to access Spotfire files without having to login. The other options for SSO are to use Kerberos or to use a method of External Authentication. The selection will depend on how users are authenticated to SharePoint.

If you want SSO between Spotfire and SharePoint, SharePoint has to be able to share some authentication or identity information with Spotfire. Kerberos can handle that, but, if SharePoint is not using Kerberos, then this is not an option. If SharePoint can share some identity information via HTTP Header or Cookie or Attribute, then one can use External Authentication. The articleCustom Authentication in Spotfire 7.5 and Later should help you determine if this is how you can proceed. Some methods are out of the box and others may require some additional coding. The article provides some example coding.

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EPAM SharePoint Connector for TIBCO Spotfire might be thesolution you are looking for. The connectorhelp users more easily embed SharePoint data within analytics, automate data import, ensure regular data refresh and solve integration challenges. Learn more:https://www.epam.com/our-work/accelerators/epam-sharepoint-connector-for-tibco-spotfire

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