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semicolon instead of tab exporting file from Tibco Spotfire


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This could be probably achieved by writing some IronPython script or usign data functions and doing the formatting.

For reference you could see the below script.




However note that all the scripts when executed on the Web Player are executed on the Node manager machine and not the client computer hence the execution may not be guranteed to work at times as it would on the installed client.

Optionally, There is a solution developed by EPAMnamed "EPAM Excel Export for TIBCO Spotfire"


A more robust way would be to build a custom export tool in C# as a whole and deploy to the server. Look into Spotfire SDK for a sample Cusotm export tool project.

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Hello, there is another way to export datato Excel using some scripts. Works with smaller data sets. The script currently exports a data table, but you can tweak the script to export a cross table, marked data or any other underlying visualizations data set. The concept is the same.-

Look at the video description for details on how to get a hold of the script

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Hi @Jose Leviaguirre​ ,

Is there any way to export a data table to an Excel file (.xls,.xlsx) using some script for Spotfire Web Player version? 

I need a simple "Export" button in a text area that exports an .xlsx file. Currently Web Player only allows you to export .csv files. (Spotfire v.11)

Thank you!

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Gianluca, I can't think of any other methods already mentioned in this thread. I mean, you can rename the csv to xls from

, that will save it as xls and Excel should be able to open it, even if it is a renamed csv file. Are you looking to export the underlying data table or a table plot visualization and all the colors associated with? If so, how much data are we talking about to export? The script on the video link is for small data sets. The data function is a good option too.
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