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Information Designer in readonly

Luc Benichou

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I'm not aware of any designed/supported way to get a strict read-only mode, but there are some options, using licences/Library rights, thatmay help you to some extent (depending on the use case)

First (copied from the Help): "If you only have the "Create Information Link" feature from the TIBCO Spotfire Analyst license, this gives you access to the Data > Information designer menu option, from which you can use data sources and elements other people have set up to create a new information link. However, to set up your own data sources and elements, you must also have the TIBCO Spotfire Information Modeler license.".

So, only assigning the first licence would at least limit what can be created/changed.

If the people that get theCreate Information Link license don't need to be able to author content in the Library at all, consider limiting their Library rights so they only have Browse/Access.

If these options are not sufficient, maybe consider what exact content needs to be viewed and if that could be done in other ways, e.g. via the Library Administrator tool.

I also think that you should create an idea for this in the TIBCO Ideas Portal -https://ideas.tibco.com(I took a quick look without finding any existing one)


Best Regards


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