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Scheduled Updates problem for dxp file

Ilgar Sarijanli

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I need guidance on how to set up a schedule to run nightly to refresh data.

My analysis files are configured as follows:


Data table properties -> General tab -> Store data:Linkedi.e. not Embedded in analysis

Data table properties -> General tab -> Type of data: Imported

Data table properties -> General tab -> Settings -> All data at once

Data table properties -> Scheduled updates -> all values under Reload the following data for each user unchecked

Data canvas -> Data load settings -> Stored data (note: weve tried using the new data when possible option but this causes the data to be refreshed when the report is opened).


The problem is the refresh does not appear to work if the data load settings are configured as stored data. If these settings are changed to 'new data when possible', the data refreshes for every time the page is loaded (> 10 minutes). How do i configure a nightly refresh, so it occurs at the scheduled time only

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