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Lines & Curves: Is it possible to display a horizontal line that shows Avg(Y) of some selected data points only

Corina Mathew

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Dear Tibco community,

I only recently started to work with Spotfire (Spotfire Analyst 11.4.0) and am still a beginner, but I already really appreciate this very helpful forum, thank you!

Maybe you can help me with a challenge I am facing:

I would like to include a horizontal line into one of my graphs where I show data points with different values (y-axis) over time (x-axis). This line should represent the average of y-axis values (Avg(Y)). I already found this function under Lines & Curves, but what I would really like is to have this average line only for a subsetof my data points and not for all. However, I would still like to see all my data points in the graph, hence Ican notsimply filter them out.

I saw that you can select "Horizontal Line: Avg(Y)", click edit and then choose "Custom expression". If you click edit again, a new window opens where you can put in an expression. I assume this is where I would have to apply some sort of filter to tell the software to only take certain data points into consideration when creating the average line, is this correct

If yes, how do I do this I can distinguish the data I want to select for the average line by one column (data type "String") that assigns a TRUE or FALSE statement to each data point. I now would like to see all data points (TRUE and FALSE) but have the average line for TRUE only. Can this be done

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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