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Sharepoint custom connector for Excel files not fully populating

Matthew Oremland

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I am running Spotfire 11.4 with the desktop analyst v 11.4.0 HF004 as well. I have installed the "Microsoft Sharepoint Online File (custom)" connector. I am able to login using my company credentials, after which a list of available Sharepoints is automatically populated. However, some sharepoints are missing from this list; in particular, one that I am an owner of. When I add the URL using the "Add..." feature in the connector, no error is given, and the list seems to be updating, but my Sharepoint still fails to be on the list.

How can I get a new Sharepoint to appear

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Sorry you ran into this issue. We had some other reports of it as well, and the updated release on November 23rd should fix the "Add..." sites issue. The sites may be in the list now that were not there before, but you also may have to add them still which should work. One can now filter the list of sites on the page to make it easier to find sites.



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