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How to create and use cursors for all columns at one time

Qing Zhu

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Hi, I am trying to build a interactive dialog that updates a data table. Inspired by the post "Set value in Data Table by IronPython",



I am using the curors to loop through the rows to updat cells.

However, I am wondering if there is away to define muptile cursors for all columns at one time and use them in GetRows() method, instead of typing them one by one. For example, we can use do





for row in dt.GetRows(CursorA, CursorB,):


to manually define cursors for each columns (A,B,...). This will be trouble some if I have a large table with lots of columns. I have tried to define multiple cursors in a for loop, however, I am having trouble to pass them to the GetRows() method. For example, after I difined CursorA, Curosr B in a for loop, if I do


Combo = CursorA,CursorB

for row in dt.GetRows(Combo):


works OK. But I cannot combine multiple cursors using a loop or a append function. Which means:


Combo = CursorA





Combo = CursorA + CursorB




Combo = CursorA + , + CursorB


do not work with the GetRows() method. Is there a way to combine multiple cursors together that can be realized in a loop

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