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Teradata to hive data storage from Spotfire 7.6

Manisha Tiwari

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Hi All ,


I have few questions :

1) Suppose we are using teradata as datasource to Spotfire , and requirement is to store data flowing from teradata to spotfire into HIVE HDFS table.Isit possible from spotfire teradata connector to push same data to hive tables If yes then how

We have hadoop system in place , we just want to store same data to hadoop hdfsfile.


Please respond .




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It is not possible to push data using Teradata connector to Hive.

You will have to write some custom code to do this.One way can be to use a data function (source the required R libraries) and push the data loaded in Spotfire via Teradata to Hive.


Please take a look at this link as reference-


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