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Import Excel OneDrive

Joao Marques

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I'm quite new on Spotfire, and I'm trying to import an Excel file which is on a shared folder in OneDrive. Apparently there's no way to connect Spotfire to OneDrive, so which sould be the best option to import this file

Also, this file is modified on a daily basis, so I'd like to know if Sporfire will automatically update the info when I change it on the Excel file

Thank you very much for your help

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The most elegant way to connect to files on OneDrive is using TIBCO Data Virtualization (TDV). TDV allows you to get real time access to300+ different types of data sources (one of which is OneDrive). Spotfire has a native connector to TDV. The nice thing about TDV is that you will establish a live connection to the underlying data source by default. This means that you get updated data when you build a dashboard in Spotfire.

To learn more please check out this page:https://www.tibco.com/data-virtualization


You could try TDV on AWS (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/prodview-kdfqlzdk243qo).

Another option would be to use a data fuction.This would require you to customize a python script and embed it in a Spotfire Data Function. For example this:https://github.com/OneDrive/onedrive-sdk-python

I should warn youthat creating Data Functionsis a bit more of an advanced topic. Still if you'd like to learn more I can recommend this resource:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/python-data-functions-tibco-spotfire

Best of luck!

Alain Martens

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