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How to make scrollbar synchronize


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Hi all,

I am trying to freeze my grand total row, so that it can always appear on the bottomsize. However, it seems impossible to do this in spotfire.

Therefore, I create another cross table at the bottom side like the image I attached below.

The problem is that when user try to move the scroll bar, it won't make changes to the grand total cross table.

So, can I write some script or do some configuration to make two horizontal scroll bar synchronize

Thank you.

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Programatically, it is possible to get scrollbar position through IronPython but I've not come across a script that sets scrollbar position. Even if there was a script, it would be difficult to trigger it automatically when the top scrollbar is moved.Could you clarify what you specifically mean by freezing 'grand total row' With your clarification, I can check if there are other ways to acheive it within Spotfire.




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Thanks Raghav, what I want to do is to 'freeze' my grand total row/column, so that it always appear on the right/bottom side of the cross table, regardless the value of scroll bar position. Just like 'Cross Table' -> 'Properties' -> 'Appearance' -> 'Freeze row headers'. 



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