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Quarter Over Quarter Difference

Sherwin Manisan

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Hi everyone! So I am trying to create a cross table in SpotFire. I don't know if its possible here on SpotFire but what I want to achieve is to change the Grand Total Column to Difference Between Q1 and Q2 and apply some conditional formatting. What I tried doing so far is playing around the Custom Expression function.

I found this article >> https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-cloud/area/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire_bauthor-consumer_usersguide/bauthcons/topics/en-US/showing_the_difference_between_the_values_in_two_columns.html .

The article seems to answer my question but I don't know how to format my formula applying the quarter filters for the line amount values. If anyone could help, that will be greatly appreciated.

The data used on this is from the demo file Data Expense Analyzer of TIBCO.

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Instead of using grand total, please put [Line Amount] again on the lower axis and use "Difference" as aggregation method with the following settings. (The expression will be generated for you):


Spotfire provides a lot of very useful aggregation methods like this to study difference, growth and so on. Please explore more of them.

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