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Colors in Drop down list

scarlet knight

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I think this usecase can be achieved by modifying the css of the text area dropdown through Javascript.

You can find the class of dropdown property control throughdeveloper tools in Analyst client and inspect the HMTL to make changes to the CSS and there by modify the color of the values.But these values will be hardcoded.

To enable the Development Tools menu option, select Tools > Options, go to the Application page and select the 'Show development menu' check box. Now goto Tools - Development - Developer Tools -Console.

Using the class of the dropdown property control you can write the Javascript to change the color of elements in the dropdown.


You can add JavaScripts to a Text Area by Right Click- Edit HTML and select the JS icon then create a JavaScript and save it.

Similarly you can add CSS to your text area, Right Click- Edit HTML and you can write your CSS.

Below are some references:






You can write JS something similar to the following post and have it implemented in spotfire.:https://forums.asp.net/t/1668984.aspxjavascript+function+to+change+an+element+s+color+in+dropdownlist

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