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Is it possible to create a list of filtered records

Miroslav Anbeegod

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Hi everyone.


I'm trying to create a list showing everyone who changed job. For example,



Employee A moved from Job 1 in Japan to Job 2 in New Zealand

Employee B moved from Job 9in Japan to Job 12 in Japan.

New Zealand

Employee C moved from Job 5 in New Zealand to Job 6 in China

Employee D moved from Job 12 to Job 18 in USA.


Is it doable in Spotfire Is it possible to include country flag as well

My idea is to create a table that "concatenates" the relevant field, but table doesn't have graphics so it can't include country flags.

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To get a country flag into your table simply use the option to render this column as "image from url".In the "properties" of your tables go to "columns", pick your column "render -> image from url". This can be an html link to a .png/.jpg or a link to file on your server.

So, make sure that you have two columns containing the respective links for example for japan and new zealand, or new zealand and usa.

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