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Issue in adding Nodes in spotfire 7.6

Dhinil G

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After the Installation of Spotfire 7.6 node manager, we are trying to add trust to newly added nodes fromspotfire server URL. I am facing 2 issues, while doing this.

Issue 1:

When I click on Trust Node button this fails with below error:

"The certificate could not be communicated to the Node.Could not trust nodes due to internal server error."


After adding trust, the nodes still remain in offline state. The node manager services are up and running.




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Did you install node manager on the same machine as spotfire server If so, the ports you installed node manager againstmust be different to the ones you installed server against - you can go into a config file to change this or just reinstall node manager


Did you install node manager on a seperate server If so make sure all relevant ports are open (for inbound)on both machines in firewall settings.

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