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Trigger based on ETL( Informatica Loads) to refresh spotfire Reports

Saidi Reddy

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Hi All,

I am new to Spotfire, Can some one help me on my below concern once. Thanks for your support.

I have one Spotfire report, it may be cache or not whatever, I have to schedule one report based on thetrigger in Spotfire web player. Means, my Informaticaloads will start daily 9 PM EST. once loads will complete Informaticawill generateone trigger file, based on that my Spotfirereport will refresh.

Could you please help me how to do in Spotfire.




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Thanks Stefan.

I have a one Spotfire report, I have to schedulethat report based on trigger. means. once my ETL(Informatica loads will complete) after that my Spotfirewill start refreshing. means Spotfire report will be refresh whenever trigger comes from the Informatica.


Please help me if you have any idea. thanks

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Hi Stefan, I have a similar question.... I am trying to create a schedule based on event/trigger. 


Currently, spotfire runs schedule based on the time we have scheduled it for. Instead, we want to create based on event. For EG: I have a ETL job that loads data in the database. Once the job is completed, the ETL job triggers or sends message that the load is compelted and based on this trigger , the schedule should be executed. How can this be achieved



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