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The Information link/SQL-Procedures and Ondemand Loading using parameters

deepu Shrestha

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When the information link is created using a SQL-View with where clause or the SQL-Procedure is created using the PROCEDURE in Information Designer, the Load on demand setting to set up the paramater is not enable so we are not able to define or default a value for the initial parameters.

BUT if the Information link is directly from a SQL table Or the Procedure is linked directly using the Sql connection then the Setting is enabled it allows us to use the paramenters

Does this happens to all any solutions

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Hi Just follow below steps.


1:-Go to Tools> Information Designer

2:-Create Data Source with your connection String

3:-Click on Procedure which is showing in Start Tab

4:-Select your Procedure from Data source.

5:- Select Procedure Type Query

6:-ClickInput Parameter and select Prompt as Single value for each parameter and you can also give some default value if you want to give. and then Save Procedure in your folder

7:-Create Informationlink and select your newly created procedure and click on Add in Information Link. and Save Information Link in your folder.

8:-Now Click File>AddData Tables and a pop up will open

9:- Click on Add in that pop up and select Information Link. and a new pop up will open

10:-Click on Use On demand and then click on setting and define input source for each parameter.

11-Check Load Autometicallu and save Data Table by clicking OK

Note:- Do not forget to check sourcedata table marking while defining input source.

Now your data table is ready to load on demand.

I think all three topics i.e . Information Link,Procedure, Data on Demand got covered .Please let me know if any one has any doubt or suggestion.



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Hi Abhishek,


can you please confirm me the following queries.


6:-Click Input Parameter and select Prompt as Single value for each parameter


if we select as None in prompt under Input Parameter tab what will happen, does the Stored procedure load the entire data or


just select the single value in prompts without giving the input and will save the stored procedure and create the information link by using the same stored procedure and load the table as as data on demand does it works





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