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Need help on python scripting

Sony -

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Hello experts... can anyone please help me on python scripts for th below scenarios :-

1. getting values from filtering scheme (listbox filter)

e.g. I have a YEAR filter, whatever values i am selecting, i want to retrieve those values.. including "ALL" values also.

2. if 2015, 2016 is selected from Year, I want those values to be in this format : '''2015'',''2016'''

3. Assigning those values to a property control.


Thanks in advance...

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Hello Sunita,

Please use below script as a reference and try to build from here:

#get a reference to a listbox


#to get the active filtering reference:

#filt = Document.FilteringSchemes[Document.ActiveFilteringSelectionReference][myDataTable][MyDataTable.Columns["symbol"]].As[ListBoxFilter]()

#loop selected values

for value in filt.SelectedValues:

print value

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