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How to automatically replace data connections in a spotfire dashboard

Johanna K.

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For a product that we're developing on multiple environments (dev/acceptance/prod) we frequently have to change the data connection of our dashboards to another environment's database (via tibco data virtualization). Of course this can be done via the data connection settings, but as we're having to do this quite often, we are looking for an automated way to do this. Hence my question:

Is there a way, for example via a spotfire automation job, to automatically change the data connection of a dashboard

Kind regards,

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Unfortunately you can't perform this with a spotfire automation job.

However I would solve this by changing the TDV side and leave the Spotfire dashboards as they are.

So you could consider pointing the published TDV virtual database to data coming from a different environment (dev/acc/prod) by using the rebind option in TDV. This does not have an effect on the data connectons in Spotfire but simply will retrieve data from a different environment.

If this is not an option you could consider simply to duplicate your Spotire dashboards. 1 for each environment (dev/acc/prod).

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Alain Martens

TIBCO Solutions Engineer

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