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Disable outline in related tables

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The outline (rendering of highlight), alsoknown as "brush-linking", occurs if you have several visualizations based on the same data table, or if you have different tables with data relations set up between them. Column Matches (a different concept, used for setting up a single visualization using mulitple data tables in the same plot) is not used in this context. Removing the column matches would not affect highlight propagation.

I don't know of any way to only disable highlight rendering while still keeping all other functionality intact.

There is a way to turn off interactivity in many plots, but that turns off both the highlight rendering and marking. If you open the properties dialog for a visualization (e.g. a bar chart) and go to the Subsets page, click on the "Current filtering" subset, and Edit..., there is a checkbox "Deactivate highlight/marking for this subset". You will get rid of the brush-linking effect, but you will also loose marking capability for that subset in that visualization.

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